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Re: Suggestion, Idea for OpenerUpgrade project


I'm not sure, If I got everything. AFAIK, KafkaDB-Project is APGL 3 and
Kettel (PDI) ASL v2.
This might satisfy everyone in this updcoming discussion.

For exemple in the german goole community, someone asked for an open source
upgrading path, as being part of the client requirements. Such requirements
are usually hard coded, as they come from conviction.

In my case, odoo will be probably only be useful as a framwork in the
future (not as ootb product), then OpenUpgrade are here to secure the
investments, if I'm not missing something.

However the original point is /was to chellange established routines and
propose new impulses. A hook to the future.

I don't know if the level of additional collaboration and "receipt-share"
with a more user friendly tool on updating is not underestimated in the
current path. I just have enough bits of information, to feel empowered to
challange argumentatively, which IMHO always is a good thing. Although I
bring in a high-level perspektive, it has it's very own (and important)
rational of existens. Thus, a global altruistic decision equation could be
somewhat like:

If DELTA of Contribution Dynamics - SwitchingCosts > 0, then go

A less altruistic:

If BENEFITS of Delata of Contribution Dynamics - SwitchingCosts > 0, then go

​I urge: I can not make any estimate about neither DELTA nor BENEFITS, I
just assume they are there...​