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Re: odoo vertical-medical


> it was decided by Joël Grandguillaume and agreed here that as for OCA
modules, they shouldn't carry the "Odoo" trademark inside their name to
avoid coupling issues in case of future re-branding from any party. Then I
guess we wouldn't want Odoo in the logo either.

You should differenciate the technical name (crm, hr_recruitment) and the
public app name (Odoo CRM, Odoo Recruit)

You should not put Odoo in the technical name because it's a mess for

But for the app name, I don't understand why you would not put the Odoo
name in it? for the majority of the apps (may be not medical), the main
public is Odoo users (people looking for Odoo XYZ on the web) If one app is
called "Odoo Medical" and another one is called with an invented name "Easy
Medical". Which one will be perceived as the main one and will be tested
first by the Odoo community?

In my opinion, it's better if everyone benefit from and contribute to the
Odoo branding rather than using a different name. Mostly because 99.99% of
Odoo apps don't have enough marketing resources to build serious visibility
outside the Odoo world.

PS: There will be no renaming in the future because: we can't afford one
more, we don't need it since the Odoo name has no meaning. Even if Odoo
evolves into something different, the name is not a constraint.

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