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Re: Suggestion for OCA conventions


Hi all,

I understand the convenience of finding classes easily, and the
reasons behind this are sound. Still, I do not sopport such a rule on
splitting files.

Still, I think we can and should work to improve subjective quality
and clarity of code. Example: after the machine checked lint, I think
we can (and should) gradually move to comments like

- this method / this file is long, can you split it?
- I don't understand what this is for, can you comment or refactor?
- why do we need that? (comment or refactor)
- (and one day, gradually...) could you decouple this logic from the
database schema to a pure class?

TL;DR I oppose a rule on file length and such, but I favor subjective
criticism to get the code as clear as possible.

Thanks to all for the involvement!

On 10/19/2014 10:46 PM, Graeme Gellatly wrote:
But for me this comes
> down to personal preference, not sure it needs to be a convention.

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