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Re: Licenses guidelines for OCA modules


> For example, it is quite common that code from other developers, installed on our customers systems, come to our company to work with. And many times it is really difficult to discover who are the actual authors, the actual license(s) (when not in Odoo) and the actual copyright date(s).
> Indeed, many times we discover that somebody has taken over and re-licensed/copyrighted the code of original authors who didn't include their copyright information within their files. Who is morally guilty in such a case?

You. You should never use code that you don't know where it comes
from. Do you think that those 4 variables give any actual legal
Anybody could just have put or replaced those lines without any
"right" to do so.
Having 4 globals variables in every source file is ugly and
unmaintainable ( and who's the copyright holder of modules wrote by
multiple people, integrated with multiple PRs, ported by another set
of people?) and for what? a false sense of "legal protection" and

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