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Re: Licenses guidelines for OCA modules


On Mon, Jan 12, 2015 at 5:02 PM, Leonardo "LeartS" Donelli <
learts92@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > For example, it is quite common that code from other developers,
> installed on our customers systems, come to our company to work with. And
> many times it is really difficult to discover who are the actual authors,
> the actual license(s) (when not in Odoo) and the actual copyright date(s).
> > Indeed, many times we discover that somebody has taken over and
> re-licensed/copyrighted the code of original authors who didn't include
> their copyright information within their files. Who is morally guilty in
> such a case?
> You. You should never use code that you don't know where it comes
> from. Do you think that those 4 variables give any actual legal
> protections?
> Anybody could just have put or replaced those lines without any
> "right" to do so.
> Having 4 globals variables in every source file is ugly and
> unmaintainable ( and who's the copyright holder of modules wrote by
> multiple people, integrated with multiple PRs, ported by another set
> of people?) and for what? a false sense of "legal protection" and
> security.

Changes in code has OCA team to review it, they are good people :-)
So if maintain __author__ its complicated, remove it, license is required,
version can be enough with version from __openerp__ file.

I see LICENSE.txt and AUTHORS.txt required, i prefer give copyright to OCA
its enough if my name is on AUTHORS.



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