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Re: Could oca adopt report_webkit before v8



Thank you for your answers!
So as I understand we do not have a dedicated repository for a working
report_webkit yet, am I right?
Then in that case, can we move it from the standard addons repository
-because I think it will be done anyway- to an OCA repository? And in that
case I suggest to the repository https://github.com/OCA/webkit-tools.
Kayle Waid already proposed a working report_webkit in that repository:
Should we merge it to https://github.com/OCA/webkit-tools? In that case,
@Kayle Waid: can you please do a Pull Request to that repo

Please shout it you have better ideas to move forward with this
report_webkit issue.


On 27 March 2015 at 18:35, Nhomar Hernández <nhomar@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> 2015-03-27 12:15 GMT-06:00 Peter Langenberg <
> peter.langenberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> I always install the webkit reports because they meet functional needs of
>> the users.
>> But when I have to write new reports I always use Qweb because of his
>> technical advantages.
>> I think a migration to Qweb is the future, but I know this is easy to
>> say, but it will give alot of work ....
>> Have I nice weekend.
>> Peter
> We need left alive webkit for only 1 more version (just to give use some
> little extra time to migrate working reports to qweb) but I think and work
> exactly as Peter say.
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