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Best practise advise for translators



it is very important to know that it helps to copy+paste sometimes existing
translations of "old" OpenERP 7.0 installation. I would recommend
translators to use a VMWare appliance
<https://s3.amazonaws.com/openerp-vmware/OpenERP-7-VA-Community.zip> to do
that inside their local network.

To prepare this very helpful *"Copy + Paste" feature* you only have to do
two things to prepare yourself:

1. create a database with your language (f.e. german) and example data.
It is also described here <http://www.openbig.org/en/openerp-vm-quickstart> if
you want to use this fresh V7.0 VM appliance.

2. Then install the modules you want to translate. Usually i start to
install all the main apps. If you proceed further with other extensions
f.e. crm_helpdesk, sale_margin or other extra-addons you have to install
the modules you want to translate at first.

How to use Copy/Paste of existing translations from launchpad perspective:

1. If you may expect a untranslated term as already translated in V7,
choose a unique fragment of this original term  (from this example
10 on this side i choose the term "log the summary" and strg+c)

2. Then open the following menu in your OpenERP V7.0 database:
For germans it is: Einstellungen / Übersetzungen / Begriffe / Übersetzte
In english it's something like this:
Settings / Translations / Terms / Translated Terms
For sure the exact path depends of your language.

3. In the search box paste your copied fragment or edit a unique word in
the search field. *Take care of choosing "Quelle" ("Source") as the field
you want to search for the term.* Then in many cases you may find the entry
as already translated in V7.0

4. Then again Copy + Paste the translated term from OpenERP 7.0 ->
launchpad field "New translation"

5. Do eventually the minor fix you have to do. (f.e. change OpenERP ->

My experience is that we may expect much faster  and more accurate
as the existing translated terms usually was already reviewed in prior

Best regards

Thorsten Vocks


Phone: +49 4471 8409000
Mail: thorsten.vocks@xxxxxxxxxxx
Web: http://www.openbig.org