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Re: Beyond the wiki page: planning an International Community Portal


On 05/11/2012 10:02 PM, Tristan Goode wrote:
> I think you've nailed the requirements Stef. 

thanks. It's still not clear to me how to manage the identities of the
members though... Maybe the best thing is to start small, use an
external identity provider like Launchpad for OpenID or anything else,
really, and postpone the decision about having a directory of People of
OpenStack to a later time.

> This could not be done
> with MeetUp because it has no hierarchical organisational facility.

This leads to a question: how do we want to organize local user groups?
Looking at the Ubuntu model, they seem to have a focus on states in the
US, federal subject in Russia and countries worldwide. They provide also
a standard for naming the local groups

Do you think we should set rules for naming the group and for geographic
coverage? I'm not convinced we need rules, not now at least. We may get
to that point later but at the moment I'd leave freedom to start things
and keep the process as hurdle-free as possible. We can always add rules

I've started a blueprint to track this work item: I'd like to treat this
like a project where all of you are involved.


Do you know of a python/django developer that wants to help hacking on
ubuntu loco portal code?


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