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Re: Steps that can help stabilize Nova's trunk


On Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 5:30 PM, Andy Smith <andyster@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> A few emails back (I have been in meetings and travel for the past two weeks
> so I am just catching up on email now), Jay pretty much described our plan
> of setting up a bunch of machines in multiple configurations for use as a
> test cluster.
> Towards that goal I'd love to start compiling the various systems mentioned
> in this thread so far into a place so that we can look at the configurations
> people are already using. My vote is just a wiki page linking to Jenkins
> deployments and tarballs of Jenkins build configurations and so forth.
> http://wiki.openstack.org/TestingBrainstorm


> Soren, based on your blog post I suspect you have a bunch of this material
> already, could you add it to that wiki?
> Brian Schott, could you add your deployment and existing testing strategy to
> that wiki?
> I'll take care of getting the Anso/NASA pieces (we have a bunch of
> vagrant-based stuff) in there.
> --andy

There is no documentation as to how the Vagrant/Chef stuff works, how
to kick it off, or how it should be linked into Hudson. It also seems
to be very Anso/Nebula specific. Did we expect that the Vagrant/Chef
stuff would be used by the OpenStack community to test OpenStack?
Also, if we did, why isn't it in the Nova project itself? I thought
one of your goals was not to have the testing stuff in different
projects (and now, on totally different repositories...)

For those of us a little tentative to learn Yet Another Programming
Language, even some basic documentation would be useful to see if the
Vagrant/Chef stuff is something that could be applicable to OpenStack
continuous integration testing.

As I've stated in previous emails on this thread, the problem we have
is *not* that we don't have the ability to run tests. In other words,
we don't need another test-running platform. What we need is tests for
stuff that isn't Anso-specific, which is why I've asked Trey to work
on creating a smoketest for the valid work patterns that have to do
with OpenStack and not EC2.

In the meantime, to test the EC2-specific code paths, I would think it
would be fairly trivial to simply fire the smoketests against a test
cluster. I know that one of the Rackspace test clusters (a large,
188-machine one) should be online in the next week or so, but there
was also word of another smaller test cluster that seems more
appropriate for simply kicking smoketests against.  Jordan, what's the
status of that smaller cluster? Are we ready to add those machines to
our set of Hudson builders?


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