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Re: Steps that can help stabilize Nova's trunk


On Mon, Feb 21, 2011 at 6:37 AM, Jay Pipes <jaypipes@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 5:30 PM, Andy Smith <andyster@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > A few emails back (I have been in meetings and travel for the past two
> weeks
> > so I am just catching up on email now), Jay pretty much described our
> plan
> > of setting up a bunch of machines in multiple configurations for use as a
> > test cluster.
> > Towards that goal I'd love to start compiling the various systems
> mentioned
> > in this thread so far into a place so that we can look at the
> configurations
> > people are already using. My vote is just a wiki page linking to Jenkins
> > deployments and tarballs of Jenkins build configurations and so forth.
> > http://wiki.openstack.org/TestingBrainstorm
> OK.
> > Soren, based on your blog post I suspect you have a bunch of this
> material
> > already, could you add it to that wiki?
> > Brian Schott, could you add your deployment and existing testing strategy
> to
> > that wiki?
> > I'll take care of getting the Anso/NASA pieces (we have a bunch of
> > vagrant-based stuff) in there.
> > --andy
> There is no documentation as to how the Vagrant/Chef stuff works, how
> to kick it off, or how it should be linked into Hudson. It also seems
> to be very Anso/Nebula specific. Did we expect that the Vagrant/Chef
> stuff would be used by the OpenStack community to test OpenStack?
> Also, if we did, why isn't it in the Nova project itself? I thought
> one of your goals was not to have the testing stuff in different
> projects (and now, on totally different repositories...)

There was no suggestion about making a new repository, I am simply trying to
get a list of all the existing repositories and ideas people are using in

Please add yours to http://wiki.openstack.org/TestingBrainstorm

> For those of us a little tentative to learn Yet Another Programming
> Language, even some basic documentation would be useful to see if the
> Vagrant/Chef stuff is something that could be applicable to OpenStack
> continuous integration testing.
> As I've stated in previous emails on this thread, the problem we have
> is *not* that we don't have the ability to run tests. In other words,
> we don't need another test-running platform. What we need is tests for
> stuff that isn't Anso-specific, which is why I've asked Trey to work
> on creating a smoketest for the valid work patterns that have to do
> with OpenStack and not EC2.
> In the meantime, to test the EC2-specific code paths, I would think it
> would be fairly trivial to simply fire the smoketests against a test
> cluster. I know that one of the Rackspace test clusters (a large,
> 188-machine one) should be online in the next week or so, but there
> was also word of another smaller test cluster that seems more
> appropriate for simply kicking smoketests against.  Jordan, what's the
> status of that smaller cluster? Are we ready to add those machines to
> our set of Hudson builders?

In case Jordan missed the question since it was at the end of a paragraph:

Jordan, any news on machines?


> -jay

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