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Re: MariaDB patches


Two comments.

On 06/19/2013 01:42 AM, Elena Stepanova wrote:

874: Minimize the number of non-default startup options

ATTENTION: This might affect anybody who uses native server startup (runall-new.pl). The patch removes hardcoded non-default options, all but max-allowed-packet (which is increased from 16 to 128 MB). I think it's better to run test by default on configuration as close to default as possible, and change options in test configs when necessary. But if you disagree, please scream.

Although I agree with this fix in principle, I'm hesitant to accept it since it affects a vast number of existing tests. Needs further investigation.

877: There is no need to override the previous error log -

Instead of creating a new error log on server startup, concatenate with an exiting one (if any). I can't imagine a case when it can be wrong, but please scream if disagree.

I disagree (but I don't scream, I never do ;-) ). Collecting error log files from several runs should be the task of the surrounding framework. Remember that most of the RQG runs are automated in other frameworks (or at least we do that to a great degree now).

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