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Re: Tags category


Hi again, Jendrik!

> > The "Tags" category is currently untranslatable, because the search
> > algorithms and the tagging interface work only with a category
> > called "Tags" (in English), not "Метки", in example.

> I don't understand. What does not work and what has to be changed?

Well, the thing is, an English-speaking user would expect to be dealing
with an annotations category named "Tags" to use tags.
A Russian-speaking user, in contrary, would expect the appropriate
category named "Метки". However, when you add tags to an entry, they
all are automatically filed under the annotations category called
"Tags", regardless of your system language, and the same thing can be
said about the tag search system.
Actually, it is a minor bug.

Thanks for reading this letter,
   Danila "MyOtheHedgeFox" Evstifeyev

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