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Re: General Error(6) on DB-LSP-DISC


>Re-result, maybe this is how I am building the rohc, the host vs. the
>cross-compiled version. For cross-compiled I am creating the rohc.ko
>loadable module and use autogen.sh and autoreconf... can share the
>detail if necessary.

I doubt that the building method is the root cause. It would probably fail differently.

>W-LSB - using the default - isn't invoked. Other parameters to do with
>RoHC link optimization - new to me. Will pick up value recommendations
>for a slow low-bandwidth link, if any; cheers.

Ok. I tested with same parameters. No error occurred.

>Traces have been living in this code for long time, for decomp and for
>I'll send you a dump tomorrow.

Thank you. It will help for the analysis.