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Re: Windows Live SkyDrive support


Got slightly further tonight, managed to get a valid challenge from  the
"Windows Live Messenger Connect" service.  "Restlet" seems to have a
mechanism to allow for the creation of a custom handler (maybe "Jersey"
too).  I intend to stick with "Restlet" for now that is what I intend for
now, unless someone has a good reason not to.  I'll need to see what
documentation I can scare up on the "HTTP_PASSPORT1.4" scheme, can't find
much on the Microsoft sites.

Embarrassingly, one point I am stuck at is probably the most simple point,
creating the SOAP messages as XML strings.  Does anyone know a quick way to
translate a WSDL into classes that can return the xml as a String?
"wsimport" will not work.  Either that or I am going to have to work out the
XML by hand.  Ugly.

If anyone has experience of REST/SOAP and wants to lend a hand, feel free to
say so and I will create a proper branch of what little I have.  Something
else to figure out how to do! :-)

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