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Re: Windows Live SkyDrive support


Sounds good.
I don't think you have to reuse the WebDAV plugin, just use the sardine
library. It offers all the WebDAV methods..

On Sun, Jun 5, 2011 at 3:37 PM, Jason Irwin <jasonirwin73@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> OK, so I spent part of the w/end looking at SkyDrive.
> It is indeed a RESTful service, using SOAP for the actual request/response
> messages (hence why the WSDL has no "service" element).
> The actual handling of documents etc is by use of WebDAV, the SkyDrive part
> is really discovery.  So hopefully parts of the WebDAV plugin can be reused.
> There is a quite a lot of groundwork needs to be done first as I need to be
> able to authenticate to the Passport service.
> Translating C# to Java is a pain.... :o)
> I am slowly getting somewhere, but I have no experience of RESTful
> services, very little of SOAP and none of Passport.  I am happy to struggle
> on, but someone else may be faster at this than myself (although I do like
> the opportunity to learn).
> I am running out of time today, but I think my next steps will be:
> 1) See if there is a Java F/OSS implementation for Passport authentication
> we can include.
>     a) If not, try and translate the C# code into one (the SkyDrive plugin
> is getting very bloated though).
>     b) It might be worth while breaking this out into another project(s) at
> some point
> 2) Get an authentication request sent and get *some kind* of response.
> 3) Get a SOAP request sent to the SkyDrive service and get *some kind* of
> response.
> 4) Work out the kinks and get a valid authentication response.
> J.

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