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Re: Software Center instead of gnome-packagekit


Don't take conclusions so fast. They try to install audio players because
some audio formats don't works by default and graphic/photo editor because
they can't do things they need on Shotwell. At least, is what they tell me.

Well, I will finish my messages here, for me looks like my experience with
real end users don't matter and does not matter how much I explain some
people will always found a way to interpret arguments to push on directions
of their own preferences.

And finally, just to explain, I don't care if default installation is not
what I want, but I care if default installation is not want an end  user
need/want. In worst scenario, I will have my custom iso for my users
(re-remix :-) .

2012/12/3 Justin Joseph <justin.manj@xxxxxxxxx>

> On 3 December 2012 15:41, Everaldo Canuto <everaldo.canuto@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:
>> Hey,
>> 2012/12/3 Justin Joseph <justin.manj@xxxxxxxxx>
>>> What makes you think that the end users always use the default
>>> applications? If that were the case USC will not be this popular.
>> My experience with my end users. If something is not good by default they
>> just just complain. At least talk about my users, they use USC only to
>> search for games, graphic/photo editors, audio player and note/task
>> applications.
> If your users search for and install audio players, graphic/photo editors
> etc. (all of them have defaults in ubuntu) they don't always use default
> applications. Thats what I was trying to tell you.
> *
> Thanks,*
> Justin Joseph

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