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Re: Software Center instead of gnome-packagekit


Not really, as I explain on one of my messages, the reason why some users
search for remix is because they don't like Unity (at least my users), they
think Unity is ugly (this is not my opnion).

And, please don't say that they can install GNOME Shell on Ubuntu because
after install GNOME Shell lots of tweaks is need to get a good experience,
on Remix we have this settings by default.

2012/12/3 Shane Lee <shaneydroid@xxxxxxxxx>

> Surely the end users people are talking about here, the kind of people who
> don't want to install stuff or cannot install stuff are the people who will
> have no knowledge of gnome or even care what it is? Surely those people
> would just go for plain Ubuntu in the first place?
> The type of people who are likely to choose remix are those who actually
> want gnome and therefore are likely to know what else they want and how to
> get it.
> Seems to me if people seek out a gnome remix/edition it is because they
> want gnome and expect to get gnome?
> On 3 Dec 2012 10:14, "Julien Olivier" <julo42@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Le lundi 03 décembre 2012 à 07:40 -0200, Everaldo Canuto a écrit :
>> > Ok, so lets explain.
>> >
>> Thanks.
>> >
>> > Epiphany dont support Flash and today we really need it, I love html5
>> > and I hope flash will be death one day, but right now, a normal user
>> > can't live without flash.
>> >
>> Like I said, this should be fixed as soon as Epiphany gets ported to
>> WebKit 2 (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=808484).
>> >
>> > I cant enumerate right now a list of pages that looks odd in Epiphany
>> > but I remember lots of times where I open another browser just because
>> > the Epiphany don't works as expected.
>> >
>> OK, well, it's been while since I have experienced rendering issues with
>> Epiphany... I think most websites designers are now aware of the
>> existance of other browsers. And, as Epiphany uses WebKit, which is what
>> is used on iPhones, iPads and other Apple hardware, they tend to test
>> their websites with WebKit nowadays.
>> >
>> > Firefox and Chrome comes with a plugin system and today most "end
>> > users" uses lots of this plugins/extensions.
>> >
>> Let's agree to disagree here: most "power users" use lots of extensions.
>> But most end users just use the default Firefox. And if they are lucky
>> enough to have an experienced user among their friends, he (or she) will
>> install adblock for him (or her). And, by the way, adblock has been
>> integrated into Epiphany very recently (before that it was an epiphany
>> extension).
>> >
>> > Anyway, when I say that we don't need to explain is because there's
>> > tons of features in Firefox and Chrome not available in Web and is
>> > much more easy to enumerate features that Web includes than features
>> > not included.
>> >
>> That's perfectly true. But most end users really don't care about the
>> extra features. All they need is the basic features that Epiphany
>> already provides (apart from Flash, as already mentionned). And "power
>> users" (those who really care) are an "apt-get" away from getting their
>> favorite browser anyway, be it Firefox, or Chrome, or Opera, or
>> whatever.

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