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Re: German edition



On Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 6:19 AM, Daniel Schury <Surst@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Theres on broken umlaut, the ä in erhältlich.

Good catch.  I've fixed this and uploaded new copies of the PDF.

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> Lynx, Hilfe, Dokumentation, Buch, pdf, ebook, frei, Open-Source, Open
> Source, kostenlos, deutsch, Anleitung, Tutorial, Linux


> Do you know if its case sensitive?

I doubt they are, but I'll paste them in using the case you provided.

> So, I'm preparing the announcement for the german community, so that the
> manual and the announcement can be released at the same time :)

I think that'll be the last this we need from you -- is to have you
write up a nice press release that we can email to everyone who's
requested notification when the German edition is released.

> Appreciated the work with you guys

Thanks so much for your help and your patience!

I've emailed Thorsten the dimensions for the cover.  Once I get that,
I'll be ready to upload the PDFs to our website and lulu.com unless
you have any objections (find any last-minute bugs, etc.).


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