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Re: Question about the editing phase


Wonderful! Don't work too hard, or you'll get a burn-out ;)
I have put your name in the Editors column for the following sections:
 *The Dash / Search bar / browsing files
 *Viewing and Editing Photos
 *Reading and composing mail
Thanks for all the work that you do!

Op 29-05-12 15:56, Jim Connett schreef:
Thanks!  This is exactly what I was asking about!

Go ahead and put me down to edit the dash/search bar/browsing section (truth be told...with the exception of screenshots throughout the entire chapter, I've done more editing than authoring). Also, put me down as editor for _reviewing/editing photos_ and _reading/composing email _as well. If the other sections need editors by the end of the week...and if I finish the above commitments, I'll take on the remaining sections.

Finally, given the editing assignments in the desktop chapter (which I was not aware of prior to today), I probably stepped on others' territory this last week in making edits as I was really editing the chapter as a whole rather than subsections as outlined in the spreadsheet. My fault...my apologies. Hopefully, my additions/edits served to offer further clarity to what was already very good content. I know now going forward. My assignments are above...that's where I'll stay.



On Tue, May 29, 2012 at 12:05 AM, Hannie Dumoleyn <lafeber-dumoleyn2@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:lafeber-dumoleyn2@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Hi Jim,
    It is good that you mention this. In this spreadsheet [1] you find
    up-to-date information on authors and editors. I did not get a lot
    of response on my call for editors on our mailing list, so now we
    will call for editors through other media.
    In the meantime, you may proofread/review chapters that do not
    have a name in the Editors column yet, as long as you let me know
    first which chapter you are going to work on. I will then add your
    name to that chapter.


    Op 29-05-12 05:26, Jim Connett schreef:

        Later this week, we will enter into the two-week editing
        phase.  Being new to this entire process, I'm not sure about
        the group's "procedures" in the editing sequence, and I want
        to be sure to do things complementary and not contradictory to
        previously established and/or accepted processes and
        practices. With 150 pages to dissect, that's a lot to edit in
        a short period of time. I've not seen an answer as to how many
        editors are available (I think someone asked that question a
        few weeks back). Do we just grab a chapter and edit it?  Do
        chapters get assigned?

        So...what's the plan at this stage?


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