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Re: Lubuntu version.


On 02/06/13 19:52, Jim Connett wrote:
Good day, Yorvik,

Hi Jim,

I know Lubuntu is a "lighter-weight" version of Ubuntu, and I think
some of the default apps are different than what Ubuntu
offers...screenshots would definitely be different.
The apps and general behaviour of Lubuntu are different to Ubuntu so the
screen-shots along with several chapters will be different.

But I guess I have to ask if there really is a large enough demand
for a Lubuntu manual to warrant the time and energy necessary to
produce something like is done for Ubuntu.
As for demand, I'm not really sure. Lubuntu appears to have a lot of
people new to Linux and I think good documentation of this form would be
helpful and good documentation would make Lubuntu more attractive to new

Are you considering proposing some type of partnership with the
Ubuntu Manual Project?
Yes, no, maybe, but I'd like the opinions of the current manual team on
this. Could the Lubuntu part be part of the current book or should it be
a separate entity. I think the later. I see no point in creating an
entirely separate structure when there is already one we could latch on
to, but again I would like the opinions of those already involved.

What are some of your ideas about community leadership structure?
This is something to be considered once we get an idea of how the
Lubuntu part would fit, or not, within the current team and also depend
on those with Lubuntu that are currently interested in the idea. I seem
to have co-opted my self as leader.

Do you have the beginnings of a team in place now?

All of these questions don't have to be answered completely before
endeavoring toward this ambitious project, but...at the very least,
they should be asked and pondered. I'll be very interested to hear
Kevin's input on this question as he has probably experienced full
range of highs and lows as our project coordinator.

So would I :)
I think I realise the enormity of this, that is why I've initial
proposed a two stage attempt. A 'beta' version by Saucy and a 'full'
version by the next release, which the Lubuntu team hope to have as an
LTS. I know it will take a lot of time and effort and I happen to have a
lot more time available to me now that I simply haven't had in the past
or I would have joined in with the original project.

Thanks for your questions, it's given me some helpful things to think about.



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