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Re: Lubuntu version.


I do like this idea for a Lubuntu Manual. I mean, I've had an idea for a manual, but I can't think of many people that would use it, so I gave up on it (which I may go back to). If you need help, I'll be willing to work with you guys.

Thomas Corwin

On Jun 2, 2013, at 3:58 PM, "Yorvyk" <yorvik.ubunto@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On 02/06/13 19:52, Jim Connett wrote:
>> Good day, Yorvik,
> Hi Jim,
>> I know Lubuntu is a "lighter-weight" version of Ubuntu, and I think
>> some of the default apps are different than what Ubuntu
>> offers...screenshots would definitely be different.
> The apps and general behaviour of Lubuntu are different to Ubuntu so the
> screen-shots along with several chapters will be different.
>> But I guess I have to ask if there really is a large enough demand
>> for a Lubuntu manual to warrant the time and energy necessary to
>> produce something like is done for Ubuntu.
> As for demand, I'm not really sure. Lubuntu appears to have a lot of
> people new to Linux and I think good documentation of this form would be
> helpful and good documentation would make Lubuntu more attractive to new
> users.
>> Are you considering proposing some type of partnership with the
>> Ubuntu Manual Project?
> Yes, no, maybe, but I'd like the opinions of the current manual team on
> this. Could the Lubuntu part be part of the current book or should it be
> a separate entity. I think the later. I see no point in creating an
> entirely separate structure when there is already one we could latch on
> to, but again I would like the opinions of those already involved.
>> What are some of your ideas about community leadership structure?
> This is something to be considered once we get an idea of how the
> Lubuntu part would fit, or not, within the current team and also depend
> on those with Lubuntu that are currently interested in the idea. I seem
> to have co-opted my self as leader.
>> Do you have the beginnings of a team in place now?
> Yes
>> All of these questions don't have to be answered completely before
>> endeavoring toward this ambitious project, but...at the very least,
>> they should be asked and pondered. I'll be very interested to hear
>> Kevin's input on this question as he has probably experienced full
>> range of highs and lows as our project coordinator.
> So would I :)
> I think I realise the enormity of this, that is why I've initial
> proposed a two stage attempt. A 'beta' version by Saucy and a 'full'
> version by the next release, which the Lubuntu team hope to have as an
> LTS. I know it will take a lot of time and effort and I happen to have a
> lot more time available to me now that I simply haven't had in the past
> or I would have joined in with the original project.
> Thanks for your questions, it's given me some helpful things to think about.
> -- 
> Steve
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