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Re: Quickshot problems


I'm sorry, I can't find your thread about it. If I'm correct, the problem is related to Glade (which is, more or less, a wrapper around GTK). That would be a real mess, even if this issue is fixed, it's likely to grow incompatible again with the next major version of GTK3.

Am 15.06.2013 01:21, schrieb Patrick Dickey:
Hi Jörn,

I'll put it in the wishlist (but as you said, it's a low priority thing
right now). If you're able to go through the archives, sometime in March
I tried getting Quickshot to work on 12.04 and documented a few of the
issues that I had. Also Thomas looked into it, and found that it's tied
to Py-GTK2 and Ubuntu/Lubuntu/etc is using Py-GTK3 now. So it needs to
be updated to use those commands.

I cc'ed Thomas in on this, so he knows that you're working on this too.
Either the two of you can co-ordinate, or he can let you take the reins
(just a suggestion of course). Just trying to make sure we don't have
two (or more) people trying to reinvent the same wheel.

Have a great weekend.:)

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