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Re: Scripted installation of backported texlive packages in 12.04


On 15/06/13 00:16, Patrick Dickey wrote:
For what it's worth, I'd say point to the lubuntu.net site. They have
the direct download links, and it's a much shorter url to put in than
cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/......... (Plus, you'd have to put a url for
both the 32 and 64 bit versions in the manual or point to the other one

As for the less than 512MB question, I'd say go with the alternate CD.
Just because you want to go with what you know works, not what might
work (even if it works every time you try it).

I've already started going through the Advanced Topics and
Troubleshooting sections. For the most part, they're the same (aside
from changing all instances of Ubuntu to Lubuntu). I will have to get a
copy of the .tex files from the pre-Oneric branch of the manual though,
because that file still had the GUI-based User Accounts stuff. Ubuntu
went away from allowing the user to manage groups via GUI, but Lubuntu
still does it.

Also does anyone have a Macbook Pro or an Aspire EEPC? There are
sections on how to get Ubuntu working on those, but I don't know whether
that information applies to Lubuntu or not (and I don't have either to
test on). Or do we just pull those sections out of the chapters?

If there's a wiki, or something, explaining the install on these two I'd just point to that as they just corner cases really.



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