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Re: Installation of TexLive on Saucy alpha 1



Are you installing TeX Live 2013 from upstream or using the Ubuntu packages?

I installed TeX Live 2013 on my laptop last week to test things out.
The glossaries package has a bug in it that prevents the manual from
compiling. I've written some code to work around the bug (but
apparently haven't uploaded it from my laptop—I'll do this soon).  I
haven't done a very thorough comparison yet to see if there are any
other issues with TeX Live 2013 yet.


On Fri, Jun 28, 2013 at 8:56 PM, Jonathan Marsden <jmarsden@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I see that Saucy also lacks the ttf-thai-tlwg package.  I can tweak the
> script not to try to install that, too.
> I don't quite know why we think we need all these non-Roman fonts, since
> we are not translating the Ubuntu Manual into Bengali, Telugu, Thai,
> etc. as far as I know :)
> Does the build system really fail to build the Ubuntu Manual PDF if we
> lack these non-roman fonts?  And if so, why -- what does the manual use
> them for?

Because at some point, translators for those languages were working on
the manual and wanted to see their work in PDF form. Unfortunately,
most of those translators didn't finish translating the manual so
those translations were never published.

Instead of having to talk to each individual member of the Ubuntu
Manual team and walk them through installing whatever fonts they need
to compile their favorite language, it's easier to just add the
package to the list so that everyone has it installed.

The system will only fail to build the PDF if a required font is
missing.  A font required based on the language of the PDF being


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