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Re: General Slowness after OTA-6 update


On Wed, Sep 9, 2015 at 9:27 PM, Ari Börde Kröyer <ari.kroyer@xxxxxxxxx>

> Den 08. sep. 2015 16:33, skrev Jim Hodapp:
> The result could be worse.
>>>> If for example Unity8/Mir crashes, then while apport does its business
>>>> the shell isn't available (obviously, as it's just crashed) and
>>>> doesn't restart until after apport is done. This likely results in the
>>>> user seeing longer periods of "lock up" and will more likely reboot
>>>> the device (the only remedial measure they can take) almost certainly
>>>> resulting in an unusable crash dump, leading to us having no way to
>>>> determine the reason for the initial crash.
>> I think we should at the very least warn the user that the phone is
>> uploading crash reports or generating core dumps, so that he at least knows
>> we're slowing down the system on purpose.
> I completely disagree. This is a technical detail that I believe should be
> hidden from the user. Your average user will have no clue what a crash
> report is. I would say that if we can't actually report a crash in the
> background without taking up all of the spare CPU cycles, then this process
> is broken. Perhaps apport just isn't suited for mobile yet and needs to be
> fixed so that it doesn't peg the CPU and to popey's feedback, doesn't block
> the shell from starting again until after apport has finished. That would
> be the ideal user interaction - crash reports just happen in the background
> and the user can't tell performance-wise that it's even occurring.
> Jim
> I agree with Jim.
> If Ubuntu phones had not been sold mainly to a community of enthusiasts, I
> am certain that the current performance of the phone would cause users to
> discard it and generate an amount of negative reviews that I fear would
> permanently damage its reputation.
> Even with a generally forgiving community of phone owners, I think it
> would be wise to fix this issue very fast.
I'm a smoothness maniac myself :)
but I'm just trying to be a bit realist here :)
The problem has been there long enough to make me think it's not as easily
fixable as one would think (but that's just a guess).

I believe we should add some kind of feedback to the user ASAP, until the
proper apport fix is ready.

Keep up the good work! :)
> Ari
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