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Re: [Design]: Color changes in OTA 10


On 12/04/16 09:52, Nathan Haines wrote:

Hamlindigo Blue comes immediately to mind. :) In any case, the bug doesn't concern me--"navigation" is a very old metaphor used as concerns the World Wide Web.
yeah, but an orange compass needle pointing north east on a blue map background is a pretty specific interpretation of the metaphor.

No, I think this is the usual opacity from the Design Team. They made some major strides towards transparency for a year or two, and then retreated again. It's disappointing, but it's a matter of habit--it's rare that design decisions are discussed or even pre-broadcast. And even more common that they're not. The rebranding for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS was a giant surprise, and that had to happen in steps. But was the font story ever fascinating. And illustrative--the reason they held the actual font files back so long was that once you release something, it gets used immediately.
yeah, bringing in the font was cool. Still use it a lot.

A hard decision, but the right one. No telling if that holds true this time. In any case, the Design Team has done wonderful things and it's not too late for them to let us in on the secret. I think they just need to get back in the habit.
yeah, hope so, this is a very strange one, they have made a change (probably, unless it is an error) that needs to be communicated widely and definitively but that isn't happening, all the apps on the phone that use an orange nobody is entirely sure what orange to use. They don't even need to say why it is changing, just be clear that it has (or hasn't)


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