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Re: Idea: consider crowdfunding UBports project


El d�Sunday, April 16, 2017 a las 05:06:59PM +0200, NeoTheThird escribi�> Hey,
> both the Pro 5 and the M10 are very promising candidates to become official
> devices, but we can't promise anything yet. The reason why some devices will
> only be continued as "legacy devices" is not that we don't want to support
> them, it's due to hard- and firmware limitations. Since the new software is
> not created yet, we can't be sure...
> Hold on to your device for now, even if it's not a Pro 5 or M10. We will
> definitely publish new images for all devices before the end of Canonicals
> support in two months!


Will there be published any new OTA for the BQ E4.5 and M10 before the
end of Canonicals support in two months?

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