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Re: mailing lists


Hi Diogo,

On Fri, 14 Jun 2019 at 02:49, Diogo Constantino <diogoconstantino@xxxxxxx>

> I do agree, but may I recommend that there's a proper joint announcement
> with UBports before closing and a deadline, so that people can be
> informed of alternatives and decide if they want to move one to the
> UBports mailing lists (or whatever)?
I do not believe a "joint" announcement is required.

The only people affected by shutting down this list are subscribers to
*this* list, and future people stumbling upon it.

I propose sending a mail next week to this list as the final mail, which
will be kept in the archive, so publicly viewable. I'd be happy to provide
details of where refugees from this list can go next, but the short answer
is ubports.com. In the event someone in the distant future stumbles upon my
mail, they will find a link to the home page of the project. The
maintainers of the project can direct those users as they see fit.

I am not about to mandate to 3rd parties that they have to maintain mailing
lists just to enable me to shut this one down.

Alan Pope
Developer Advocate

Canonical - Data Center Development
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