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Re: mailing lists


Am 14.06.2019 um 18:07 schrieb Matthias Apitz:
> Using a lema of Stanislav Lem: Who reads the ubports.com website will not find the mailman page, who finds it, can't subscribe, who even can subscribe, at the end can not post.
> An admin in the UBports forum said to me, that there are mailing list but nobody uses them.
> matthias

Matthias, I got it. We will fix it, you dont need to always spray
sarcasm into open wounds. Things take time, we are all just doing this
in our free time. The moderation of the list is now cleared and we will
announce them properly. But the website team needs a few days for this,
my apologies. I dont see any reason though why you cant subscribe. You
might want to unsubscribe and resubscribe to test it, would be glad to
see the positive result.

BR Florian

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