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Re: "Power information" notifications


Mark Shuttleworth wrote:

I don't think we want the user to be able to choose. Every choice is a bug waiting to happen, and a 1,000 confused users. We should hammer at this to get it perfect, and ship it.

Could you re-orient the batteries to be vertical? That would make it easier to view.

You still have "*Power information*" as a title. That doesn't make sense, even if the user has asked for "power information" using a hotkey. Let's just tell them the key piece which is (a) the image showing battery life and/or AC availability, (b) a title showing AC or battery power, and (c) how many minutes they have running. Let's leave off the % full from the text (because they have an icon to give an idea).

I'm a bit conflicted about "how long till fully charged", since it's relevant to the notification when one plugs into the wall socket. Perhaps that one could have an icon showing how full the battery is NOW, a title saying "AC Power", and body text that says "2:35 till fully charged. 23m available now."?

This seems exactly right to me, except for one details: we should show a different icon when you plug in your AC power, rather than the same percentage full battery icon we would show if you were to unplug at the same moment. When AC power is connected, the user is primarily interested in two things:

1. Confirmation that the AC adapter was plugged in and the computer is now charging (some laptops have finicky plugs).
 2. (Maybe) how much time remains until the battery is fully charged.

Showing a plugged-in icon, or a variable level battery icon with a charging emblem will reassure the user that the AC power is working. If we just show a battery level, the user will have to read the notification to have confidence that the act of plugging into AC power worked.



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