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Re: why compiz in place of mutter


2012/1/29 Chow Loong Jin <hyperair@xxxxxxxxxx>

> On 29/01/2012 23:53, supernova wrote:
> > maybe it is because I have intel graphics, but I find gnomeshell
> > faster then unity, at first and clean installation I mean. Let's hope
> > better for the future...
> I have two laptops, one of which runs on the Intel GMA 965/X3100, and
> another
> running on Sandy Bridge graphics. I can safely say that under both of these
> conditions, in no case is Mutter faster than Unity. It's probably an issue
> of
> perception and bad press floating around, which can possibly stem from
> Compiz
> being that much more customizable than Mutter.
Then, again, my E-350 APU (AMD 6310 graphics w/ R600g) is tremendously
faster in Gnome Shell than Unity. In Gnome Shell I can autoscroll a webpage
at a smooth 50-60fps; in Unity, I cannot break past 20-25fps at the same

*Everything* is smoother in Gnome Shell: animations, scrolling, the dash
animation, the multi-desktop animation. The difference in performance is so
visible that I switched away from Unity just for that. Unity animations
were so stattery that I would start feeling physically ill after thirty
minutes or so.