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Re: why compiz in place of mutter


i know i can remove the global app menus that way but i don't really like
to do that since the remaining app menus don't really match so great with
the window decorations... or at least they didn't a few months ago.  also i
kinda want to keep unity as full unity as i can so i can actually check out
whatever updates may happen to it.  i keep hoping to eventually see an
option to only have the menus in the top bar when a window is maximized
since i think it's a nice use of the space in that situation.

i actually tried setting the launcher to only come out when i mouse to the
top left corner just before i sent that but for some reason it never would
come out without moving down the left side of the screen some (about twice
the top panel/bar's height) so it was actually worse than just leaving it
left set for the left side.

Josh Strawbridge

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