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Re: unity at the bottom


On Mon, Jan 30, 2012 at 22:07, Georgi Karavasilev <motorslav@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> Hmm, you kinda missed my point at A) - if the launcher is at the bottom
> the Dash button will go the the bottom left. When on clicks on the Dash the
> control buttons will be on the panel in the top left which requires mouse
> movement to change Dash size or close it (assuming if you cick the close
> button to close it) and will look kinda broken.

I definitely had missed that point. Thanks a ton for clarifying. I have to
get to the drawing sheet and see what possible change could me given to the
design so that, as I mentioned earlier, so that the consistency, including
mouse traveling and other things, is invariant under the rotation of unity.

> As far as B goes - it's true the horizontal scroll bars are not used THAT
> much, but it I believe generally causes less distraction on the left
I agree that it causes less distraction on the left but it, in the current
form, increase the odds of hitting and calling it unnecessarily
exponentially because  of the reasons known to all of us.

> And there is C) when the dash button is at bottom left how will be the
> Dash outline position, so both the panel and the Dash have outline. The
> current Unity-rotated applies outline only and the Dash and not to the
> panel and it's doesn't look good :P
I agree that is doesn't look good and that is why I think the design of
unity might need a bit of tweaking so that also the beauty of the dash, or
unity in general, remain invariant under the rotation of the left panel.

One thing we could do is, visually free the dash-- the dash, I don't say
the dash button, from the top bar and also from the left panel, make it
more like an independent visually sleek window which  could be outlined,
bordered in the same way as it is now.

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