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Re: No more dodge windows in Unity?


On 02/08/2012 02:39 PM, Mark Shuttleworth wrote:

But is it worth it? Saying no to options is an important discipline if you want to contribute here. Saying yes always is an easy route to failure. For a start, if we said that the total number of options had to stay the same or decrease over time, which two options would you remove in order to gain *this* one?

My opinion is - we have to use sanity , and not blind principle ("be more minimalistic","be most unbendable and unconfigurable") . I agree configurability can harm , but we're talking about a specific subject . Since we're on the design discussion - my opinion is that having a list with as much as 4 choices is OK . If someone wants to change it they must have a few options . It's not confusing ,

*Some* users know this. Most don't care. Until you understand that, we won't be one the same page at all, and I'll sound like an alien headshrinking cannibal to you. Just saying.
Well I do understand it (although picturing you like that is fun so I might stick with it :D ). But again I say - not blind principle , instead work every issue out . Here I see no reason to remove the options , since even if someone doesn't understand an entry in the list - they just won't use it , if they've got to the list once , they can do it again ,it's not a change that breaks their system. It's a basic responsiveness of living things , a dog can handle an equivalent situation .

Again - not talking in general - I'm talking about the current issue (so you're still no headshrinking cannibal)

No, just making it defunct. It could stay in the repositories if you wanted it there. In universe. Maybe. Remember, /headshrinking alien cannibal/.

defunct: No longer existing or functioning: "the defunct communist common market" . I'm not worried though , there's enough people that want it , so I guess it ain't going anywhere.

P.S.:sry,for the resend


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