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Re: No more dodge windows in Unity?


Ok , here's my last stand on the topic :
(just before that - Mark, your guidance is appreciated , it's good to see you on the lists , despite your ,I bet, heavy schedule)

Making this work in two points :
1. Have an obvious caption "Launcher behaviour" on the left side and a falling menu or a bullet point type thing (I forgot what they're called) on the right with the choices : "always visible" , "auto hide" , "dodge windows" . 2. Have the sidebar hide and appear if dodge is selected and there's no window to make it hide.

That way the user will with little statistical error associate the changed option with the launcher . And since to choose the option you have to read it (again with little statistical error) , there is little chance someone wouldn't understand the type of behaviour.

I could overview the possible ways a user encounters the option ,and gain some more proof , but for tl;dr reasons I'll skip that .

One more thing : having three choices is a pretty standard situation , so that also has a minimizing effect on the choice paralysis phenomena .

On 02/09/2012 01:38 AM, Owas Lone wrote:
I'm already loving it in Precise. I think I can live with auto-hide.

You don't have to - use MyUnity . I'm pretty sure (and I'm praying to the unity gods,a.k.a. the developers) that the functionality will stay . It'll just have to be configured with an external tool .


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