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Re: Some impressions about the current status of Unity


On 23. feb. 2012 16:19, Adrian Maier wrote:
I obviously had no idea about the possibility to start this gnome-panel inside Unity . Thanks for the tip !

You're welcome. Use AskUbuntu. Nobody knows everything, but someone knows everything there is to know.

You mean such as unselecting the online scope in the applications lens?
I mean : hiding the "apps available for download"

Yes, that's what I mean as well. Look at Sources at the bottom of the filters in the applications lens. Choose "Local" and you'll only show the installed applications, and not the ones from Ubuntu Software Center. Again; instead of complaining that something is not possible, please use AskUbuntu and ask _if_ it is possible.

Again; it is not called gnome2. It is called Gnome Panel. It has always been
available, has never been removed and if you prefer it, you should use it.
This is not the idea of Unity. If you prefer to use Gnome Panel, then just
use it. It will never make sense to try and push the old work flow onto a
different product. You should either adapt to the Unity workflow, or keep
using Gnome Panel or some other "classic" environment.
I am quite certain that last summer  (when I have tried Unity in
11.04)    i did not come across the possibiity to do that .

If you had asked a question on AskUbuntu, I would've told you how to do it. It's quite simply a matter of running Gnome Panel on login, like any other application.

I had the feeling that Ubuntu 11.04  was released with gnome2  .
There are even various howtos about "how to install gnome 3 in ubuntu
11.04" .

That is at least mostly true. But the point was that when people are referring to Gnome 2, they're usually referring to the classic desktop and not the Gnome 2 infrastructure, such as GConf, GTK2, etc. The classic desktop is just as available in Gnome 3 as it is in Gnome 2, so calling it the "Gnome 2 desktop" makes no sense.

If it is a well-known fact that the Gnome panel is usable easily in
Unity ,  how is it possible that nobody did hit me with that
information  immediately after i've begun to talk about how much i'm
missing the classic apps menu ?

Because this is the Unity Design list. I assumed that you wanted to change Unity to work the same way, but that's not what Unity is designed for.

I had to irritate you a bit before you whispered the suggestion to
start the gnome-panel  .

No, you didn't have to do that. You could've asked on AskUbuntu, and I would've told you. Actually, I already provided a really extensive answer to that question, but you never looked for it. It provides detailed instructions on how to add an LxPanel, Xfce4-panel or Gnome Panel to your Unity desktop: http://askubuntu.com/a/77236/19779

But this list is about design, not support.

I've just tried it and it indeed works :  now i have "Applications"
and "Places"  in the top left corner of the screen .   This is perfect
:  I would probably set to autohide the bottom bar ,  because all that
i wished was to have the old apps menu "somewhere"  on the screen .

Right. Just remember to press Alt while right-clicking the panels in order to customize them. Except for that, applets are grouped to left, center or right. Otherwise, the classic desktop is identical in Precise as in 10.04.

Many Thanks !

You're welcome. In the future, whenever you feel annoyed that something is missing, use AskUbuntu.com. It might not be missing at all.

Jo-Erlend Schinstad

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