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Re: Some impressions about the current status of Unity


On 23. feb. 2012 22:14, Adrian Maier wrote:
I mean : hiding the "apps available for download"

Yes, that's what I mean as well. Look at Sources at the bottom of the
filters in the applications lens. Choose "Local" and you'll only show the
installed applications, and not the ones from Ubuntu Software Center. Again;
instead of complaining that something is not possible, please use AskUbuntu
and ask _if_ it is possible.
Hm , that's a well hidden option .   What I tried to do was to
right-click on "apps available for download"  and hoping to see
"properties" or  "hide" .

I agree. I think the filters should be visible by default and that the header for it should be fixed to make it easier to understand how to hide them.

No, you didn't have to do that. You could've asked on AskUbuntu, and I
would've told you. Actually, I already provided a really extensive answer to
that question, but you never looked for it. It provides detailed
instructions on how to add an LxPanel, Xfce4-panel or Gnome Panel to your
Unity desktop: http://askubuntu.com/a/77236/19779

Well , when i look for support i normally google or ask on the forum.
  The askubuntu site is not a place that i was aware of.

Google is good at many things, but support is not one of them. You might stumble across solutions to problems that were difficult in 2006, which would require all kinds of hacks. Those problems might now require a click or two. A good example is sharing a wireless connection. It was extremely complicated a couple of releases ago, and is equally simple now. In 2006, I spent about a week figuring out how to share a mobile broadband connection from my phone with the rest of my home network. in Precise I can do the same thing in less than twenty seconds. Google will tell you which documents are available. It won't tell you which document is best for you.

Use AskUbuntu. It will.

But this list is about design, not support.
I don't think that I have been totally off-topic .

There are some improvement ideas floating around that could probably
result into a better navigation for applications .  If all of those 5
feature summarized by Omar  had been implemented  , probably I
wouldn't have bothered to complain at all .

Yes, but there is no objective "better". It has to fit with the basic vision of Unity. And it wasn't my intention to make you feel as if you'd been offtopic. I simply explained why I didn't immediately point you in the right direction when your goal was to get directory-based menu of applications.

I've just tried it and it indeed works :  now i have "Applications"
and "Places"  in the top left corner of the screen .   This is perfect
:  I would probably set to autohide the bottom bar ,  because all that
i wished was to have the old apps menu "somewhere"  on the screen .

By the way; though Gnome Panel is somewhat offtopic for this mailinglist, it is still quite important to Ubuntu. If you enjoy that desktop, you should use it as much as possible and report bugs. It's in desperate need of contributors, specially considering that this is an LTS.

The fact that most users prefer Unity means it will attract most of the professional time. It does not mean it's more important than Gnome Panel. It just means the community has to replace the efforts Canonical has put into it in the past. It doesn't automatically happen, but it's certainly possible and people are working on it.

Jo-Erlend Schinstad