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Re: Some impressions about the current status of Unity


On 25. feb. 2012 16:38, Adrian Maier wrote:

There is a possibility to browse by categories. I know that you know this.
Perhaps you should explain why Windows' way of doing it is better?
Because they've found a way to add an improvement (search applications
by name)  without removing the traditional folder-based navigation of
"All Programs" .
Yes, but you're still not explaining why that would be better.

It isn't missing. It works a little bit different than what you're used to,
but it does exist.
Michael Hall was saying that the Dash is designed for searching , not
for browsing the applications.   This explains why it's not the
feature that i was looking for.

But you are the one who told me that in order to get a classic-looking
apps menu  it's possible to load the gnome panel   !

Therefore  :   in Unity itself there is no component designed/intended
to act as a category-based browser .
We have that. Just used filters. The preferred way of launching stuff is not to browse for them, but to quickly launch them using either the list of frequent applications or to search. But browsing by category is certainly possible.

The first step would be to see that the need for such a feature is at
least acknowledged.
Then you have to be more convincing. So far, you've claimed that it is
required, but I don't think you've explained why.  To me, it sounds as if you
want to change the behavior because you're not used to it.
Please enlighten me :  from your point of view the feature is already
there ,  or you want me to demonstrate why should it be introduced ?

You open the applications lens and then choose the category you want. I don't really understand the problem, which is why I keep asking you for an explanation. But you don't provide any.

The feature needs to exist before discussing whether it should be the
default  or not .

But anyway I am not asking any changes of the defaults.

It isn't obvious what "the feature" means. This is the Unity Design list, though. It's perfectly possible to make all kinds of different third-party programs, but that doesn't really belong on this list, I think.

Especially now after trying the
https://launchpad.net/classicmenu-indicator .  It provides me what I
was missing , and it's not even necessary to use the gnome panel.
Hopefully this package will be available in the real repositories
someday    (now it's in ppa).

I personally think that's not the right place for it, since it doesn't indicate anything.

Jo-Erlend Schinstad

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