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Re: Are there plans to add "Reboot" item to the power-cog menu in panel?


On 26/02/12 23:38, nick rundy wrote:
The confirmation shutdown dialog should be the "unsupported codepath." People who've filed bug reports on this complain, "I wouldn't have clicked shutdown if I didn't want to shutdown."--I have to agree.

The design guideline that best covers this is the "undo" story. Generally, we try to encourage people to try something by making it easy to undo. Some things have consequences that are harder and harder to undo. So we add a level of certainty before committing to those actions.

Shutting down is *about* the most expensive thing to try and undo. So we have a confirmation dialog. That's the correct position and it's not open to discussion here.

I propose getting rid of "Startup Applications". This could easily and logically be placed instead in System Settings.

Good choice. If we had data, I bet that would be one of the least used, most prominent system menu entries.