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Re: Ubuntu, Toolkits, Precision, and the Future


On 27 February 2012 08:24, Chris Wilson <afrowildo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> An app that is written in Qt does not automatically have a particular visual
> theme. Instead, Qt inherits the theme of whatever platform it's compiled on.
> When I compile my Qt code on Ubuntu, it always looks like a native GTK+
> based app. I've not done it yet on Windows or Mac OS, but if I were to
> compile it on either of them, it would look as native as those apps produced
> by Microsoft and Apple. The problem I've seen with Qt-based apps from the
> USC is that they're compiled on another platform, and the binary is packaged
> for Ubuntu.

That's not correct. Everything in the Ubuntu repositories or PPAs is
built (compiled) on Ubuntu. It doesn't matter where a Qt app is
compiled, it matters where it's run. If on the other hand, a developer
uses custom widgets (or even the KDE widgets), then it's not going to
look as good in GNOME or Unity.