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Re: Are there plans to add "Reboot" item to the power-cog menu in panel?


On 02/27/2012 03:06 PM, Nekhelesh Ramananthan wrote:
Hi all,

Reading through the replies from Mark Shuttleworth, Paul, Omar B., I propose the following solution. */

1. Integrate Startup Applications into the gnome control center (removal from power cog menu)
2. Add an option to restart in the power cog menu.
3. The shutdown dialog should have a 60 second timeout which still brings about the "undo" functionality but also removes the need to confirm it again by just letting it countdown to zero./* /*4. Option to enable or disable login sound be presented in the sound settings dialog or under user accounts (so that each user can choose to disable or enable it)*/
+1 on that .