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Re: Tweaking ubuntu interface just a little bit


> I think a list of open windows could be added to the quicklist. Is simple
> and would come in handy.
Let's say you do this, right now, writing this email, the name of my window
is "Gmail - Tweaking ubuntu interface just a little bit -
obscure.email@xxxxxxxxxxx - Google Chrome" And web titles can be even worse
than that. You really want to stuff a LIST of those items in Quicklists and
stretch them out unnecessarily?

> And since they keep their order, is predictable.
> I also dont see how you would "accidentally" trigger things on the left
> side if the launcher is *always visible*. Even in firefox the back button
> is all the way at the top and you can see exactly where the launcher is...
> I dont even accidently trigger the tooltips...

I'm fairly certain he was using 11.10 for testing, not 12.04.

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