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Re: Minor dash annoyance (change proposal)


I agree completely with both Matthieu and Petko,

IMHO, a workable solution is:

1. Make TAB the only key that selects between CATEGORIES e.g. Recent
Apps, Recent Files, Downloads, etc.
2. Make ARROW KEYS the only keys that can navigate among or between
ICONS and icon rows.

This has a couple of benefits.

1. Suppose you type a partial name in Dash and want to see more
results. You just hit TAB, then Enter (which is exactly the current
behavior) and then more results would appear. No change to the code is
2. Similarly, typing a partial name and then hitting down-arrow
immediately allows you to navigate among the possible app or file or
whatever choices you want. You would skip the "Recent Apps see more
result" line. This saves a key-stroke i.e. you hit down-arrow once
instead of twice.

Finally, I would still move "see more results" BELOW the first line of
icons in each Category.

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