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Petko wrote on 12/12/12 10:11:
> On 12/11/2012 06:42 PM, Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
> ...
>> However, we have just started work on a project to improve this 
>> situation -- to communicate more, and to help other designers 
>> make a real difference to Ubuntu. We'll talk more about this
>> next week.
> ...
> Thank you for the response . Is the discussion in question going
> to be public to some extent ? I don't mean to be in the way , I'm 
> just curious on the development of the system .
> ...

In our initial discussion, we came up with several ideas. For example:

*   Individual Canonical designers can introduce themselves on IRC
    more so that other contributors get to know them and discuss things
    with them. Where possible, we'll also mention what we're working on
    at the moment. (There'll always be some times when we're working on
    private stuff.)

*   Have monthly public campaigns to design solutions for particular
    problems in Ubuntu.

*   We can improve the way we deal with design ideas posted on
    Brainstorm and Launchpad. (We're just not sure how yet.;-)

*   Encourage design work that happens by itself without Canonical help.
    For example, the non-default background pictures for each Ubuntu
    version, and the installer slideshow, are produced mostly without
    Canonical involvement. A future example could be improvements to
    application icons. (You can see many blurry icons in Ubuntu Software

*   When software needs other artwork (for example, new icons), we can
    post the request to the ubuntu-art@ mailing list, instead of
    assuming that a Canonical artist has to do it.

We'll start on these actions in the new year.

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