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Re: web apps and the launcher [was: webapps and the sound menu]


On 10 January 2013 10:38, Alex Launi <alex.launi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Why not? What about the icon at the bottom of your launcher bothers you? Do
> you think that your opinion is a reflection of the general case? I'm
> curious, because never has a launcher icon caused me a second thought.
> Designers (hopefully) reading this thread, what has testing revealed here?
> Are people generally territorial over their launchers?

How about bug http://pad.lv/1054167 where the default Unity launcher
overflows out of the box on the most commonly used screen resolution?
That is even before open a single app or installing any additional

I thought that adding two new launcher items as we did for Quantal
would have been a good opportunity for us to remove two default
launcher items to keep the launcher balanced.