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Re: end user ajustable Global menu Blacklist


2. Ergonomics
If you're using focus follows mouse and don't already know about it? Sure. Otherwise, no. You know to fling your mouse to the top (and with acceleration, that's one movement) and bam, there's your menu. No need to hit a strip *somewhere* on the screen. Always at the top.
Were not talking about the global menu being the problem just it Vanishing off the screen. its a simple concept you do not make interface componets Vanish.

5. Blacklist
Usually, items aren't blacklisted to appease users, it's for implementation issues in the appmenu indicator. And I believe those items are listed in DConf? That's pretty standard. As well, proposing to blacklist selectively is just... weird. Imagine a new user: "hey, if you need menus, they are at the top... except if you're using this... or this. Or that." Work as been done to ensure all defaults work correctly with the appmenu.

And what is wrong with a User telling unity that I do not want this application to use the global menu i did not sugest that these should be default but addable by a user at there desecration.

6. I have a lot going on.
We all do. Same with Canonical devs. They also have a lot of priorities and wants themselves. Obviously, this issue isn't one of their top ones. Before accepting defeat, why not try to make the branch and propose it? At worse, it gets left out and you can say you did try. At best? You get a fix in Unity. I'm sure someone will help with upkeep. Of course you can always just keep using
"revamp" and not worry.
the Fix in revamped was broken by mainline and was subsequently removed.

7. Burden of Proof
http://design.canonical.com/2010/05/menu-bar/ From nearly three years ago. MPT has since admitted this implementation is not exactly as he detailed. No one has ever denied that. But there is a well-thought out rationale from someone in Canonical aside from Mr. Shuttleworth. Canonical also does proper user testing. Can you also make such a claim or are we to speak strictly in anecdote?
I don't see anything in that link about the Global menu vanishing. gobla menu is ergonomically better it vanishing is not. And i would love to see a full report of the user testing on the vanishing aspect of the menu with information on the users tested. it is easy to fudge a test with using the right samples.
9. HUD
HUD was put out as a way for people to keep fingers on the keys in a natural way instead of contorting fingers for shortcuts (I assume). And works for that. But I'll come back to this shortly.
except for the fact that hud suffers the same speed issues as the dash but that is another topic all together.

10. Intrinisically Easier
The current implementation versus an always on? I wouldn't say the former is easier.
Do explane how it is easier than a visable gobal menu?

OK, phew, time to get into the contrarian role.
Now, we have this global menu that's hidden. Let's ask why. Is it because menus are slowly being driven out into exile? To the point where default applications basically lack menus? Because they are ugly and an out-dated concept? I'd rather not answer. What I want to point out is the rationale for HUD.
Ugly and out dated hmm vs they work ill stick with the they work side of the argument and I have seen this new "application button concept and it makes me wonder why a nested menu tree is fine for Application function menus and not application launching?

Not everything is immutable. We need to continue looking forward. Some days, I miss the old ways. But more than that, i think that hiding the menus has been for the better in light of the ideas proposed. It helps get an antiquated thing out of user's faces while maintaining its usefulness and using it to power something even better. And let's not forget the there is a roadmap that was for HUD (if those mock ups weren't the next windicators ;)) http://youtu.be/3Di8djcRZUA

Heres a Crazy idea *USER'S CHOICE* let us old farts look at our global across the top of the screen if we want it there! The rest of you can injoy it of you like it but _let the user choose and don't force a clumsy behaviour on the becuse you think it is pretty.

_let us set the menu discovery feature to 900 hour time out it would be a Quick and easy fix that would make this all go waway

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