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Re: end user ajustable Global menu Blacklist


 Well let me do my recap :

1. There clearly are people that use menu functions often , cannot remember them all in shortcuts and would not find it easier to use the HUD for the job.

2. Well what do you know there's no second point.

My opinion :

(just a comment on the revolutionary change in menus and functions , and the deprecation of the super-mega-old-granddaddy-style menus) 1. The HUD is not very usable on a desktop. I use it in select cases only (I would maybe use it more on a laptop/netbook) . My main thought is that it will probably never replace the menus and/or their functionality (especially on a desktop). It's a nice addition , but it's just that - an additional tool . Why is all that : A) It just doesn't give the user the chance to explore the whole app , to see all the features . B) I don't imagine that in some moment in time all people of the earth will prefer using words rather than mouse clicks to execute a function . C) If at some point there is some perfect AI algorithm implemented in the HUD that would be really nice , but in my experience it does not help me in any way to find a feature that I didn't know existed (this argument is clearly connected to the first , the addition is that the HUD doesn't find even synonyms to the desired function , so if I guessed it is there it still is hard to use it ) .

PS:what do you care how old something is if it works and there's not much better alternative. It's good to have a uniform place for the user to discover the functions , and that's still not the HUD , nor all the other implementations.

2. Using a blacklist is duct tape for something that needs to be fixed .

Solutions :
A) Let an app prompt Unity to draw it's menu separately on startup (or run-time) . With this in place apps can be modified to call said setting and voilà . As I think of it such a merge won't happen because Unity's overall goal is to force everyone to use the global menu and such a patch would give a back door.

B) An easier to implement , but ,as I said , bad solution would be to create a tool to edit DConf and use the existing blacklist setting .

C) The most Unity-friendly solution - make an indicator (practically a toggle button) that makes the menus always visible (no window title displayed ) .

Now here's when the "fun" starts - who will do it . The only realistic answer is - you , or other people with the same problem . You can find support (hopefully) from everyone involved (for B you wouldn't need as much of it) in maintaining the affected packages . But what I've found from a lot of bashing my head against the wall is that nothing will happen if you don't do most of the work . Nothing will happen from a mail discussion nor from posting a bug about it (at least not with a problem of this magnitude) .