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Re: Ubuntu startup sound for 14.04 LTS


Hi Sam

2013/9/11 Sam Hulick <samh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> I see the login process, sound wise, as being a one-two punch. When
> lightdm presents the login screen, I think it would be nice to have a very
> short (1-2 seconds) musical bit that is pleasing, but somewhat unresolved,
> coaxing the user to log in. Once they log in, the musical piece would pick
> up from where it left off, ending with resolve (2-5 seconds). Style wise,
> there are different options I won't get into right now (orchestral, synth,
> a mix of both, etc). I will say that there are a couple approaches we could
> go with the startup sounds: 1) something melodic and memorable (hummable),
> at the risk of wearing out its welcome due to repetition (people disabling
> it), BUT more identifiable as "the Ubuntu sound"; 2) something more
> ambient/amorphous that focuses more on mood/feel, not melody, which may
> stand the test of time better but not be easily recalled and not seen as a
> strong brand sound.

As you say, the risk is to boring people with a melodic startup sound. I'm
more with the second way, an ambiant/amorphous sound. You know a sound
could perfectly represent brand (think about THX sound) but to me is more
sound designing than writing music (maybe because I study sound design at
Something amorphous could be great with the ambiant/amorphous default
ubuntu wallpaper. Something evolving like the livewallpaper of Ubuntu
Phone. That's could be great is a startup sound which always have the same
base, very recognizable, but with a very fine variation each time, because
humanity is always humanity, but there's evolution in there.

I don't know if my explanation is clear for you but that's how I imagine
the Ubuntu Sound

Best Regards

Vincent JOBARD