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Re: Yade crash due to a new data class!


Bruno Chareyre said:     (by the date of Fri, 28 Jul 2006 15:57:52 +0200)

> Hello
> I was trying to improve the StiffnessMatrix class, by simply adding a 
> new Vector3r to represent the rotational stiffness. It crashed when I 
> tried to run the simulation.

this first crash is more suspicious. Have you tried full recompile
before adding GlobalStiffness class?

I suspect that there is a bug that shows itself, when there are more
classes deriving from PhysicalAction than the number of PhysicalActions
registered for the simulation that is calculated. (I'll check it as soon
as I'll finish that article on which I'm working now)

However just adding a Vector3 to the class should not affect anything at
all, with exception, that - of course all the other classes that
#include the modified .hpp file should be recompiled as well. Normally
kdevelop3 handles this automatically, and recompiles what is needed
automatically. But unfortunately with current build system in yade this
is not working, and kdevelop3 doesn't know what should be recompiled.
Which probably resulted in the first error that you have encountered.

I'm sorry about the grief and loss of time that this has caused to you :/

Janek Kozicki                                                         |
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