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Re: build errors: qglviewer.h


On Sun, Aug 20, 2006 at 07:47:35PM +1200, Andrew McCracken wrote:
> QGLViewer installed it's library in /usr/lib/lib3dviewer.so.2 rather than
> .so as the manual states.
To be exact. Any library in Debian (or its derivatives) is installed
as a directory/file.so.X.Y.Z, where X.Y.Z are version numbers. Sometimes
there are three numbers, sometimes less. But at least one is present.
Additionaly, symlinks file.so.X.Y and file.so.X pointing to file.so.X.Y.Z
are created.
When you install -dev package there is additional symlink created: file.so
pointing to file.so.X.Y.Z. And you always need the .so file for compilation.
If there is no .so file in -dev package (with dynamic library, of course)
you can consider it as an bug and report it to the package maintainer.

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